August 27, 2012

Traveling Home

I'm finally back in Pennsylvania! After a rough start dealing with TSA at the Memphis airport this morning, I was fortunate enough to get an extended leg room seat on the flight to Detroit.  From Detroit to Harrisburg I was even MORE fortunate to be able to sit in the cockpit to see Jason fly the jet. Typically I'm not crazy about riding in the jumpseat; it's cramped and uncomfortable. Today, however, the ride was worth it because it was the first (and will probably be the last) time I had the opportunity to see Jason actually working! I tried to get some pictures but the view from the cockpit jumpseat isn't that great...I had a much better view of the cockpit instruments than of the scenery. I also didn't want to bug the guys while they were trying to work, but here are the few pictures I took:

Clouds and Blue Sky from the view of the cockpit of a CRJ200 Endeavor Air

Jumpseat in the CJR200 Endeavor Air

 Overall, I had a great time flying today. I definitely was a very proud (soon-to-be) pilot's wife!

August 21, 2012

A dress for the shower...

I am drooling over this dress for my bridal shower next month. Maybe I'll have to hit up the Anthropologie at Saddle Creek this week to see if they have it in stock? The blue version of the dress is gorgeous, too.

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