March 27, 2013

Currently Reading + Suggestions Needed!

If anyone out there follows me on Instagram you probably already know what I've been reading lately. First up are these two books that I purchased from Amazon a few weeks ago.

Blog, Inc. is a useful little book on (you guessed it) blogging. I started blogging again last year to share my life with my family and friends who were far away as well as trying to document my life as I left a job and got married. However, I've really begun to love the blogging community and I bought this book as a way to help me learn to put myself out there and jump into the world of bloggers as best I could. Despite the fact that I found this book to have a little bit of "leave it" advice for someone like myself, I've really enjoyed reading it.

Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home has been shared between Jason & I. It definitely isn't the most exciting material, but it's teaching me a lot that I needed to know about the homebuying process.

I also have a giant stack of magazines next to my bed. I'm slowly but surely catching up with them; I can't believe how quickly I used to plow through them when I was a flight attendant. I used to live for the days that new magazines hit the stands, but now I'm constantly behind!

Now, here's where I need help. Aside from my magazines, Blog Inc and the homebuying book I haven't been reading much at all lately because I'm not sure what I want to read next. I think I blame Andy Cohen's Most Talkative for that. I absolutely adored the entire book. I didn't want it to be over...and now that I've finished it I don't know how the next funny memoir book I read could possibly live up to it.

I also recently read Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close. I honestly am unsure how I felt about this novel, and based on the reviews on Amazon, it seems as if many people feel the same way. The book didn't seem to have a true plot, but I found myself compelled to keep reading. This genre of novels about women in my age group always appeal to me, though. I can't seem to get enough!

Any suggestions for a good book to read now? I'm open to nearly anything, please help me out and let me know what you're reading and loving!

March 20, 2013

Wedding || Ceremony

I honestly have to say that our wedding ceremony went by so quickly - it seems as if one second I was heartbroken that it was raining at ceremony time and the next we were already back at the house being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Thankfully I have these wonderful pictures from our photographers as well as some great candid shots from our friends and family. 

Jason and Jesse {Best Man} were first, followed by the two groomsmen {Jason's brothers}, Kyle, who escorted Grandma Helen, and Shane, who escorted Jason's mother.

My Uncle Chris and Aunt Diana {my godparents} were part of the processional, as well. My Uncle Steve escorted my mom. It was his second time escorting a mother of the bride this year - he walked my Aunt Lynette down the aisle at my cousin Christine's gorgeous Savannah wedding last April. 
]Andrea {Matron of Honor} and Anna {Maid of Honor} did their processional alone. Partly because we had an uneven number in our wedding party, but mostly because I wanted my bridesmaids to have their moment and feel beautiful and special.  I've always adored the non-escorted bridesmaid processional. These ladies deserved it!

At the end of the ceremony everyone walked down to the water's edge for a seashell blessing. Nikki {Jason's sister} was kind enough to hand out shells to everyone as they walked down to the beach for the ceremony. Here is what Bonnie {our officiant} read:Each of you hold a gift from the sea; a Sea Shell that is just as exceptional and special as yourself. As you embrace this shell, we ask that you bless it with intentions of love and wishes for Courtney & Jason and all of mankind. When you toss it back into the sea the blessings you have bestowed upon it will eventually come back into someone else’s hands. So as we cast our shells know that each ripple represents an act of love, kindness & gratitude for each other throughout our daily walk in this beautiful life we all share.
And that was it! I couldn't believe how quickly it went by. I'm thankful to have all of these pictures to help me remember everything about our wonderful ceremony. When brides say their wedding day went by too quickly, I absolutely (and unfortunately) agree!

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