October 7, 2014

Life & Death

If you haven't seen this article and accompanying video on refinery29 or social media, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes and check it out:

For those who don't have time to read/watch, here's a quick recap: After being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Brittany Maynard has chosen to end her own life next month through Oregon's death-with-dignity laws. When I first came upon her story last night, I couldn't help but immediately turn to my keyboard to work through all the feelings I had. At first, I was so terribly sad - for this woman, for her husband, for her family and friends. My sadness was followed by anger. Anger that cancer and terrible diseases even exist.

The more I think about it, though, the more I am encouraged by Brittany and her story. She's my age and still a newlywed, which made me pause for a moment. I had to stop and take a minute to think about how I'm living my life, which could change just as quickly as her's did. I can't even fathom her scenario and dealing with the physical and emotional pain of dealing with a disease like that every day. While I'm sure many people would be (and are) appalled by her choice to ultimately take her own life, I'm impressed.

The way Brittany speaks about traveling and adventure inspire me to want to quit waiting around for the perfect time to take a vacation. Ultimately, her story reminds me that turning 30 isn't scary, it's an opportunity that many people will never receive. Given the same situation, I'm unsure I would be able to make the decision to end my own life. Her attitude toward her life is something worth remembering - that we all have a limited amount of days left on this earth, and that we should live them out in a way that fulfill us.

March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Throwback + Weekly Meal Plan

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm celebrating at work with un-Irish coffee. I am planning to meet some friends for drinks after I escape the office, though! It's cold, windy, still winter days like today that I really miss those warm pre-spring State Patty's Day all day parties.

I took a much-needed hiatus from almost all things blogging over the past two weeks or so. While I needed time away from my laptop, it really feels nice to be behind the keyboard again. As exciting as it is to start spring cleaning and decorating our home, it's definitely gotten overwhelming! We're planning on hosting a party in our home (our first one!) soon, so that has created a somewhat {self-induced} stressful deadline for things like touching up paint, hanging pictures and spreading grass seed.

In other random updates, I started following the Weight Watchers program again. I've been pretty good with planning meals in the past, but sticking with WW has really inspired me to get a bit more specific with the plans and try some new recipes. With that being said, here's the dinner menu for the week!

Monday: breaded chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans
Tuesday: bacon and onion omlette and fruit
Wednesday: out!
Thursday: salsa chicken tacos {made with lettuce wraps}
Friday: ravioli bake with salad

I also picked up lots of fresh veggies for salads, yogurt for quick breakfasts and some lean meat for lunch. Let me just say that getting older really sucks sometimes, I miss the days of eating bacon cheeseburgers, drinking too much beer and still being able to rock a bikini at the pool! But hey, if chainging my lifestyle now makes me healthier in ten years, I'll stick with it. The bikini this summer is just my current motivation to stick with it! Anyone else following a program? Let me know! The more support I can find, the better!

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