March 4, 2015

Wine Wednesday

Recently I've cut back on enjoying a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at night or with dinner, mostly because I'm trying to cut back on excess calories and sugar. However, I've found myself missing the ritual of pouring a glass of wine after a stressful day. So I've decided that I'm not going to completely cut out the alcohol; instead I'm switching to quality over quantity. For me it's not about the price of the bottle that constitutes quality, it's a taste that I can savor so that I can really focus on and enjoy one glass of wine instead of two with dinner, which tend to disappear too quickly while eating.

I'm not a wine snob and I don't know very much about vintages and production regions, so my list of favorites is just that - my personal favorites. So with that said, here are a few bottles I'm really loving right now:
181 Merlot / La Crema Chardonnay / Apothic Red 1 // 181 merlot
I first tried this wine at a favorite Memphis restaurants (local gastropub) and it quickly became one that I picked up at the liquor store on a semi-regular basis. It's a California merlot and it's less fruity and darker-tasting (yep, I made that up!) than other merlots I drink, which is why I can really enjoy it on its own. It goes on sale in PA state stores occasionally, so I can sometimes pick it up for about $12/bottle.

2 // la crema chardonnay
This was one of the first chardonnays I ever tried, and I still use it as a strong comparison for other glasses chardonnay. It's also a California wine, and I typically save it for the summer when I want a chilled drink instead of my typical red. I usually find it locally for about $22/bottle. 

3//apothic red
This wine is a red blend (again from California!) that I picked up on a whim after seeing it in Instagram photos, on blog posts and on wine racks at friends' homes. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed its somewhat dessert-like flavor, kind of chocolatey and not too fruity. This is also the cheapest of the bunch at around $10/bottle!

4//piper-heidsieck brut cuvee
A non-California choice! This is a legitimate champagne from France and it's dry enough and fruity enough all at once. I love it because it's less citrusy with more pear and apple flavor, and it definitely deserves to be consumed on its own, not as a mimosa or bellini! It's the splurge of the group at $42/bottle and is usually finished in one sitting (sharing!) as I don't like to lose the delicious bubbles. 

So that's what is occupying space in our wine cabinet right now. What are some other wines I should try?


  1. I eye the apothic red wine a lot at the store when I'm perusing the wine aisle. Glad to hear it's good. I might have to get some now! :) We definitely tend to lean more towards champagne in my house. And sometimes I hate to admit this, but we usually drink Andre- not even because it's inexpensive, but just because we like it.

  2. I love me some Apothic Red! I too love to have a glass a day. I always forget which ones I love though. I should write them down when I find a goody


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