June 6, 2016

Mini Sephora + Ulta Roundup

As we all know, I can't exercise restraint when I'm shopping in Sephora or Ulta. Sometimes when I get home from a big shopping trip, I pull items out of the bag like I'm doing an awesome haul video on YouTube. Hah! I can't imagine myself behind the camera doing that, but I do love watching some hauls, that's for sure! But I digress...back to some of my most recent  purchases. Mini reviews, if you will. 
First up are the Sephora color correcting concealers. I purchased these in North Carolina in April, gave them a try for a few weeks and now they're retired to the bottom of an old bin. I wanted so badly for them to give me a glow and cover my redness, but the formula just felt goopy under my base and looked silly when left uncovered. Thumbs down. 

Also from Sephora, I picked up the Marc Jacobs #instamarc contouring kit. Every time I saw someone exclaim how huge it was while filming a haul, I'd roll my eyes a bit. But no eye rolling is necessary with this palette - it's gigantic and perfect! The powder is so finely milled and blends nicely. I picked up the shade 40 (Mirage Filter) and it's a good match for my skin right now. I use the yellowish powder to set under my eyes and around my nose and I use the tan powder as a subtle contour. The palette comes with a little card with three different ways to contour to go from every day to ultra dramatic. Definitely worth the money!

One final thing I picked up from Sephora was originally not even originally for me! My mom asked me to grab her a new bottle of Givenchy Photoperfexion foundation, so I did. By the time I got it to her, the one she had ordered online had shown up, so she graciously let me keep the first one. The price was a little much for my budget, but I decided to see if I liked it. And WOW - I understand why it's expensive! This foundation goes on so smooth and lasts all day, plus some. This isn't an everyday base, either, it's more for those days where you need to look A+ from 7am breakfast meeting to 1am uber ride home. 

I haven't picked up much from Ulta lately, but one of the recent items was a new bottle of dry shampoo. Of all the brands I've tried, I like Batiste the best so far. This time, though, I thought I'd branch out and try the Living Proof dry shampoo that ladies seem to love. No mini review here, though. I just purchased it and still haven't used it because my mother just gifted me a different bottle to try, which I opened first. 

The last item I grabbed from Ulta was somewhat of an impulse purchase. I have a few different self tanners at home, but none of which I really liked. I noticed that St. Moriz was on sale, so I picked up the light mousse and an application mitt. I tried it almost immediately when I got home, and wow. I don't know if it's the formula, the fact that it's a mousse, or what, but this self-tanner has made me a convert. Goodbye Jergens, goodbye Neutrogena. I've definitely got a new favorite self-tanner! 

It would be remiss not to mention I'm now on a makeup/beauty/skincare spending ban until my 32nd birthday. I have such a fantastic collection of everything from blushes to body wash and it would be a shame to let it go to waste because I feel the need to run out and pick up the best new thing. I won't even put a dent in my collection by October, but using only what I have will be a great way to discover some new (old?) favorites and finally get into some of the stuff I received for Christmas! 


  1. This is a great little roundup! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. I always get suckered into everything at Sephora and Ulta.... especially the travel size items!


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