September 12, 2016

Weekending + A Lazy Recipe

So how was everyone's weekend? Mine was equal parts fun and relaxing with a slight bit of disappointment from Penn State's loss thrown in. I was off work last Thursday and Friday for a minor outpatient procedure, so I got a few extra days to do nothing, which was a welcome event. 

Saturday my sister threw a 30th birthday party for my brother in law, which was so much fun and only slightly tainted by the outcome of the PSU - Pitt game. As much as I love going to games and being at Beaver stadium, it was so nice to be able to go right home and not have to wait in traffic and sit in the car for 2+ hours. Such a first world problem, right? Sadly, I only took one photo the entire afternoon, which means it was a good party, but I'm shitty at social media. There's always Kinsey's birthday on Thursday to make up for it!

The food spread was delicious, and I brought my Pinterest-favorite "crack dip" to share. It's so easy to  make that calling it a recipe would be a cop out, but I'll share anyway! It's a 16oz container of sour cream (go for the full fat kind!), a bag of shredded cheddar (about 1.5 cups), a packet of dry ranch dressing mix, and a container of bacon crumbles (I used Hormel, found in the salad dressing aisle of th grocery store). Mix it all together and serve with tortilla chips. So simple and so addicting. It's probably a good thing I don't make this every weekend!

Sunday was rounded out by cleaning the basement and watching some NFL games. I feel surprisingly relaxed and ready to head back to work, despite the fact that this is a busy week coming up. I've got my to-do list ready and a Starbucks gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so let's get this thing started, Monday!

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