October 24, 2016

Weekending | Penn State Wins!

What a weekend! Saturday marked one of the most exciting Penn State games I have ever attended! For those of you who may not love college football like I do, please allow me to share with you that PSU pulled off a HUGE upset against Ohio State on Saturday night! The spread was 17.5, and while I had 100% full faith that the Lions would easily stay within 18 points of the Buckeyes, I was one of the 107,208 people in in Beaver Stadium who witnessed a comeback win with shock and awe.
Anna, Jason, my friend Kim and I all loaded up Dan's truck (sorry you missed such an awesome game, dude, but thanks for the truck!) on Saturday morning and headed off to Happy Valley to watch the game. It was freezing cold and somewhat rainy on Saturday, but obviously we stuck it out. The game was a White Out, which make such a great statement under the lights. The game was all over the place - it would get exciting, calm down, and it seemed like there were so many TV timeouts that paused the action and slowed everything down.

Obviously the most exciting moment of the game was Penn State blocking OSU's field goal attempt at the end of the fourth quarter and running it back 90 years for a touchdown. Or maybe the most exciting moment was the two sacks against JT Barrett at the end of the game. Who knows? All of State College was absolutely going crazy and I'm so glad I was part of it!

This weekend's game easily ties with the best game I ever attended at Beaver Stadium against OSU in 2005, where PSU pulled out another after-dark win! It's regarded as one of the best Nittany Lion home games, and I would certainly agree. I don't think I could talk for three days afterward because of all of the screaming and cheering I was doing, which seems to be par for the course as my throat is still sore today!

How did your team do this weekend? The college football rankings are certainly shaken up a bit today, right?!

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