October 3, 2016

Weekending | Sports Edition

Another Monday, another weekend behind us! This past weekend marked another trip to State College for a PSU game, which will be a frequent event this month.

My sister and I decided that between no one to watch the doggies and the rainy forecast in Happy Valley, we wouldn't drive up early and tailgate before the game this weekend. It actually turned out to be a great decision, as we sat in ZERO traffic on the ride up and the ride back. Our parking spot was perfectly convenient, it only spritzed rain for about 15 minutes, and Penn State pulled off a win in overtime! Aside from a very rude player from Minnesota being ejected from the game on an unsportsmanlike conduct call for a late hit on my #1 fave player Joey Julius, it was a great game to be there to watch. 

Sunday was spent being lazy and watching NFL games, all while stalking MLB scores to see if St. Louis will end up in a playoff game for the last NL Wildcard spot. As I'm typing this, it isn't looking likely that the Cardinals will wind up in the postseason, as San Diego is beating Los Angeles in the 8th inning. Whomp.

This week is slated to be a busy one, between extra hours at work to help out, meetings, happy hour, and cleaning up our disaster of a home, I certainly have my work cut out for me. I'm so glad October is finally here, though! It means I'll soon be celebrating my birthday and our wedding anniversary, and I'm trying to convince my sister and her husband to do a nighttime corn maze with Jason and I. Seriously, between college football, NFL games, and the World Series...how can you beat October?

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