March 13, 2017

Monday, Monday | A Poodle Pawty

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was very low-key, which was just fine with me. I had grand plans to work on my closet clean out project that has been going on for the last, oh, five months or so, but that just didn't work out like I wanted it to. I can't explain why, but I always get to a certain point in my decluttering/purging/KonMari-ing and I just get stuck. It's a weird sort of overwhelmed, but mostly just a frustration with how much excess I have and how disorganized I feel. Has anyone else had similar feelings while doing a major wardrobe purge? If you have and you've made it through to the other side, help me out and share what worked to push through! 

Although I failed in the clothing department, I did manage to pare our sheets down to two sets per bed! It might not seem like huge accomplishment, but if you knew how many sets of sheets (and mismatched fitted/flats) we had in our house, you'd realize it's a pretty big one! We were basically out of storage space for linens and our "office" had become the room where bedding went to die. So it was a double win - I got some office space back and we donated at least four full sets of sheets and will give the other six or so mismatched sheets to the Humane Society. Even the doggies win!

And speaking of winning doggies...

Happy 7th Birthday Karma! Our big poodle turned seven on Sunday, so of course we threw her a Perfect Poodle Pawty! Born as part of a St. Patrick's Day litter of 12, Karma's been used to crazy and chaos her whole life, and today wasn't any different. Her best friends Kinsey and Sig were in attednace, along with her cat friend, Meowtown. 

For the doggies, McDonald's cheeseburgers were served. The humans were lucky enough to get wings, roasted vegetables, tots, and a delicious birthday cake. Poor Karmy didn't get to have mom and dad around for her big day, though, because they're living it up in Florida right now. I guess that just means we'll have to celebrate again when they return!

Who knows when they'll be back though? We're expecting a whopper of a storm here in Central PA tomorrow, so they might have to hold down the fort in Florida for a few more days as we wait for this big snowstorm to make its way through our area! 

The potential for this huge snowstorm is actually the reason I'm at work today - I'm trying to get ahead because I have a feeling I won't be in the office at all on Tuesday and there's lots of work to be done. In an industry that never shuts down, it's nice to have the flexibility in my position to change a few things around so that I can still get my work done in an efficient manner, even if the office is closed due to this alleged 18" of snow that is headed in our direction!

But hey, maybe this whopper of a blizzard will trap me in my home all day on Tuesday...faced with nothing but my closet that needs to be cleaned out. Maybe that's just all the message and motivation I need to get it done :)

Have a great Monday, friends! If you're in the area of the storm, do you have any special plans to prep? 


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