September 11, 2017


Oh my gosh, this past weekend just flew by! I'm guessing it's because last Monday was a holiday, but wow, I feel like I went from Friday night to Sunday night with the snap of my fingers. Why can't a trans-continental flight seem to go that fast? 

Anyway, my fast weekend was quite a good one! Friday night, my dad and I took the poodles on a nice walk to exhaust them as best we could. Kinsey spent the night at my parents' that night because Saturday morning I was up bright and early to head to State College for the Penn State game with Anna, Dan and my friend Kim! It was the most perfect day for a football game in Central PA, so we wanted to be sure to have plenty of time to tailgate before kickoff. We played charades (yes, really), grilled, mixed drinks and had so much fun before we even headed in to the stadium.

Kim is always such a good sport about coming to Penn State games with us (this was her third year in a row!) so of course I had to invite her to come to the game vs her alma mater, Pitt, on Saturday. Fortunately for us PSU fans, we managed a pretty convincing win this year and are sitting pretty at #5 on the AP poll! 

Sunday was another absolutely beautiful day and all I wanted to do was go out to lunch somewhere that had a patio. I threw out the suggestion to Jason, Anna, Dan and my dad and we all ended up having a great lunch outside while occasionally checking out the NFL scores on all of the outdoor TVs. I've been trying to eat much healthier lately, so having an amazing vanilla porter beer and a perfectly made panini with a few fries was the most perfect splurge. It was just too nice to be indoors, so I spent plenty of time playing with Kinsey in the yard, too. 

This week is shaping up to be a busy one - catching up on some work, three Junior League meetings and finally getting my act together to take some clothing to consignment! 

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  1. What a fun weekend! I wish I loved football, but I'm excited for those who do - it makes for such a great season!


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