January 24, 2018

Le Tote | A Review

If you're a female between the ages of 18 and 45, I'm sure you've seen ads for Le Tote pop up on your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest feeds in the past two years. I certainly did! Despite seeing all of the ads and being somewhat interested, I wasn't completely sold on renting everyday clothing. But one night while chatting with my friend Mary, I complimented a top she was wearing and she told me it was a rental from Le Tote. I immediately signed up the next day to get my first tote, and I haven't looked back since then!

Le Tote: A Review of the Subscription Clothing Rental | courtney-west.com

I describe Le Tote as a mashup between Stitch Fix and Rent the Runway (full disclosure: I have personally never used Stitch Fix). The clothing is rented (a la RtR) but more casual in nature and it's chosen based on style profiles (a la Stitch Fix). The brands are what I call "Nordstrom brands" - items that you could easily walk into Nordstrom and find.

Here are a few quick FAQs:

How does it work? First, you fill out a style profile on Le Tote's website. Next, items are picked for you and added to your tote. You have 48 hours to confirm the choices as is or swap them out if you aren't happy with what was chosen for you. Once shipped, the clothing and accessories arrive at your doorstep within 2 to 3 days. You wear the clothing and accessories, get lots of compliments, put them in the provided and pre-paid return bag, send back to Le Tote and start all over again!

What does it cost? My plan is $39/month and I receive two clothing items and an accessory. There are other plans, including a maternity Tote!

Are the clothes gross? Not at all! All of my clothing has always arrived nicely folded and wrapped in tissue paper. The jewelry and accessories arrive in a small bag, usually tucked between the clothing items. My sister once received a shirt that was so wrinkled it was beyond wearable out of the box and a quick e-mail to customer service got it straightened out right away - she received a free clothing item in her next tote.

Do I have to wash them? Nope! Le Tote provides a prepaid return shipping bag in each box and you just pop the worn clothing and accessories into the bag and send it back! Le Tote takes care of all of cleaning when the clothing arrives back at the warehouse.

How long does it take to get the clothing? When I drop my pre-paid returns at the post office, I usually have an e-mail from Le Tote within 2 hours telling me my next tote is ready and I need to check in the app/online to confirm it. If I want to swap something out, this is when I do it. If I confirm the same day, my clothing usually arrives within two days. I typically receive three or four totes each month.

Can I keep the clothes if I like them? Yep! And I have! If you purchase all of the clothing in your Tote, you receive a month free. I've had some dresses and sweaters that I liked so much I purchased them to keep forever and it's been worth it.

What are my favorite pieces? I have a cardigan by Summer & Sage that I purchased from Le Tote and wear at least once per week, as well as a maxi dress by Max Studio, a dress from Catherine Malandrino, and  two dress shirts from Vince Camuto. 

Overall, I'm so glad my friend Mary introduced me to Le Tote nearly two years ago. The subscription is well worth the $39 monthly fee, as I now have a seemingly unending closet for work and frequently receive compliments on "my" new clothes. 

PS - This post is in no way sponsored by Le Tote and I was not compensated in any way. I just wanted to share my love for my current favorite subscription box! However, if you are interested in joining, my affiliate link will give you your first tote free. You can check it out [here]. 

Le Tote: A Review of the Monthly Clothing Rental Subscription

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