January 15, 2018

National Day of Service 2018

Happy Monday, friends! For those of you who are off work (or even those who are working), I certainly hope you'll be participating in today's National Day of Service in honor of MLK Day. Every day is a wonderful day to give back in your community, but hands-on volunteering on a bonus day off can be so enjoyable when done with friends, right? 

Why Should I Volunteer?

Here are some of my personal favorite volunteer opportunities that are available in most areas: 

1 // Retirement Communities
2 // Animal Shelters
3 // Food Banks
4 // Domestic Violence Shelters/Crisis Centers
5 // Libraries

There are so many great reasons to get out there and volunteer! For me, I volunteer because I want to give back to this community I call home. It's so important that I do my part to ensure the Harrisburg area is a thriving community that allows all of its citizens to feel as welcome and fortunate to live here as I do. As anyone who knows me knows, most of my volunteering is done through the Junior League of Harrisburg, which is an organization so near and dear to my heart.

In a time where everything feels like it's falling apart, being able to set aside time to volunteer each month makes me feel like the world isn't the pit of misery (dilly, dilly) that I sometimes imagine it to be. In addition to helping me put things in perspective, I can also gain valuable experiences that are not available at work, create friendships, and hone my leadership skills. Overall, volunteering - especially with friends - is something that I need for my mental health and sanity. So let's all get out there and put some good into the world today; don't you think it needs it?

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