January 12, 2013

Wedding | Why You Should Do A First Look

Up until the last few weeks before the wedding I was convinced Jason and I would not see one another prior to the ceremony. I was adamant about him seeing me for the first time as I walked down the aisle dunes to the altar designated ceremony area.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do first-look photos. I completely realize that they're not for everyone, but here are the reasons we chose to do them:

{reason 1} I didn't want everyone else to see me before Jason did. Of course my mom, Andrea and Anna all saw me as I was getting ready. And I had a special moment when my dad saw me, too. Other than that, though, I wanted Jason to have the opportunity to see my excitement prior to anyone else. After all, his opinion matters most!

{reason 2} I wanted the opportunity to spend a few minutes together, just the two of us, before the ceremony. Although it was a fun and exciting day that went by too quickly, it was also very stressful and I needed someone to help calm me down.

{reason 3} Doing these first look photos gave us the opportunity to get emotionally prepared for the ceremony. Having the chance to talk and see one another without the eyes of our guests looking at us was exactly what we needed to stay calm and excited. There was plenty of time for them to watch us later!

{reason 4} I wanted to have pictures of us doing the first look. Something to have and to cherish forever.

{reason 5} Doing the first look gave us the opportunity to take family pictures prior to the ceremony, which turned out great for us. With the freak storm that came through and delayed our ceremony by an hour we saved a lot of time by doing pictures together before the wedding.

It also helped that we had seen each other before the wedding because I was in full-on freakout mode when the rain came. It was the ONE THING I couldn't control that day and when it happened I felt lost. Having Jason there while we had to quickly figure out what to do was necessary that day. Maid and Matron of honor can only handle so much crazy.

Overall, I believe the choice to do first look pictures is something that should be decided by the bride and groom. There are convincing arguments either way, but I can honestly say that I am very happy I changed my mind and that we chose to do the first look. I could not be happier with how our photos turned out.

In the midst of a day that went by faster than I ever imagined it would, these few moments between just us were some of the most memorable and special.

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